Top tips to know how we must protect this house

Top Tips to Know How We Must Protect This House

“We must protect this house” is a slogan of Under Armor Company. This slogan or advertisement was created by the
company to encourage its athletes.

But we can apply this slogan in our life also, we are going to tell you how to do that today through this article.

Humans have been building houses not just today but for hundreds of thousands of years. In earlier times, cities were
not towns like today and houses were built in or around open fields and forests.

Having a house in such a place posed a danger to wild animals.

So, houses were built to keep you safe from wild animals. The same is being done even today in our homes to keep us
safe from wild animals. This thing applies to people living in villages.

Houses help people living in villages protect themselves from animals like wolves, wild boars, snakes, etc.

In urban areas, our houses protect us from insects, bats, monkeys, dogs, etc.

Home is a basic need of anyone that everyone wants to fulfill. But building a house is not everything, protecting it is
also very important.

Top Tips to know how we must protect this house

Let us now see how we can implement the slogan “We must protect this house” in our lives and how we can protect our house.

We will share some tips and tricks with you so that you can keep yourself and your home safe and secure. Here are some tips:

Top Safety Tips For Home Security

security camera

Install a camera within the security range of your home so that you can see and hear what is happening inside and outside the house.

Install smart cameras that have moving sensors and connect them to your laptop, computer, TV, etc.

By doing this you can sit anywhere and see what is happening in your house.

Install a visual security alarm

Install a security alarm outside your house so that if someone tries to enter your house, you will know immediately.

And any untoward incident or accident will be avoided.

Increase gate and fence security

Don’t give any chance to intruders to enter your house. If you have a garden in your house, then keep the garden gate as high as the height of the fencing.

We would advise you to keep the fencing of your house high and put pieces of glass on the top part.

It is more difficult to break a metal gate and enter inside the house than a wooden gate or anything else. So, try to install only metal gates in your house.

Secure your outdoor buildings

Protect yourself with strong windows and door locks to keep your home’s exterior secure.

Along with this, install an alarm so that if someone tries to enter the house, you will know.

Doing this will protect not only your outbuilding but also your shed and garage.

Gravel paths and driveways

If your home design includes a front-drive path or garden, then you can lay gravel so that if someone walks by, you will hear the sound and become alert.

Plant thorny bushes
Plant dense and thorny bushes near your fencing area which will help in stopping intruders.

Look like you’re home when you’re not

Often, thieves target empty houses and they become victims of any accident, so to avoid this, make your house look as if it is occupied.

Install smart lights in your house that you can operate even while sitting away from home.

While sitting away from home, you can turn on and off the lights of your house from your phone, which will make people feel that someone is at home.


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